Our Team

Ron Shurts

Board Director

Ron Shurts is a Co-Founder of Annexus. His background in sales and management spans more than 25 years. He’s helped revolutionize the independent wholesale sector through innovative sales, distribution and marketing strategies.

Don Dady

Board Director

A Co-Founder of Annexus with more than 24 years of financial services experience, Don has helped make Annexus one of the most successful companies in the industry by developing next-generation insurance and investment products.

Jim Richards

Managing Partner

A focused business strategist and entrepreneur who seeks executional efficiency, new opportunity and increased capacity. Jim leverages more than 20 years’ experience building and managing companies.

Jim Ferrell

SVP Business Development

A true leader in the financial services industry, Jim brings to bear more than 15 years’ experience in business development, product management and strategic planning for technology integrations. Jim helps define the market for emerging insurance and financial technologies.

Jeff Jumpe

Director of Development

Jeff co-founded his first internet company at 18 and has built on that success ever since—founding, co-founding or acting as a consultant to 8 startups. Jeff helps connect technology with business solutions.

Anson Kuo

Director of Marketing & Digital

Anson’s spent over 15 years helping young companies express their creative vision. He’s helped 12 startups design smoother user experiences and increase adoption and workflow.