Annexus Ventures seeks partnerships with the next generation of InsureTech and FinTech business leaders seeking access to capital, distribution, top carriers and investment banks.

Who we are

Annexus Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on making early investments in InsureTech, FinTech and software startups. We are passionate about working closely with disruptors and innovators who strive to significantly impact and improve the Financial Services industry. Our leadership understands that commitment to innovation goes beyond the initial capital infusion and first phases of expansion. We are a closed funding entity, but are open to considering opportunities to co-invest with other venture capital firms.

What we do

Annexus Ventures participates in funding both large and small startups. When we find an early-stage opportunity, we support every phase of the investment cycle to help get it off the ground and into heavy rotation among Advisors, Consumers, Financial Institutions, and/or Investors. We tap into the invaluable relationships we have cultivated with carriers, investment banks, wirehouses, broker dealers, financial institutions and advisors to help our investment partners grow, gain adoption and acceptance in a rapidly changing environment.

How we do it

As successful entrepreneurs, we have a breadth of experience with startups and the incubation process. We understand how important it is to collaborate with our investment partners. We believe that our role is not to micro-manage or direct, but rather to find areas where our Managing Partners’ cumulative knowledge and experience can add value or guidance. We are dedicated to supporting our investments through every stage of development.

What we invest in

Annexus Ventures seeks early-stage investment opportunities in the Financial Services, Retirement Planning, and Insurance verticals. Our approach is to focus on prospective business solutions and technologies that will create the most impact on these industries. We believe in being the first-to-market, being the best-of-class and applying continuous improvement methodologies to ensure that our investments gain traction and solidify market share.